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  • Experience the highest quality and easiest to install, operate, and maintain RO water filtration system available in the industry.
  • The quick twist filters and Catridge Attachment Manifold (CAM) design provide frustration-free water filter change and maintenance.
  • System includes modern style 100% lead-free faucet in brushed nickel finish
  • Color coded tubings and premium quick connect fittings are certified by NSF as food-grade to provide safe, non-contaminated drinking water.
  • NSF certified premium 3.2 gallon metal RO water storage tank.
  • Industry’s first easy to follow installation manual with scannable video links that will walk you through the entire installation process.
  • 2 Year System Warranty: 1 year original warranty + 1 year upon system registration.

R+O+G+B Filter Set

For System MV4-ROGB
Included Metpure Versatile filter set: Sediment filter (SKU: MVSED11), extruded carbon block composite (SKU: MVECBC11), 50 GPD RO membrane (SKU: MVRO50), and post-GAC filter (SKU: MVPOGAC11)
Maintenance schedule: Change together every 2 years.
To ensure the quality of your water being produced by the Metpure Versatile system, we recommend you follow the change filter set appeance sequence on web page.

R + O
R + B
G + B
L + B
R + O + R + O
R + B + R + B
R + O + G + B
R + O + L + B