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Tank Water Heater Installation

It is often the main concern for a customer to know the bottom line price to pay for a water heater installation. But, it is impossible to set one standard price that applies to all due to unforeseen work and necessary city code upgrades in water heater installation in different residences. MetPure provides one of the best, most competitive water heater packages around, and often, installing this offered package will be enough to meet your current city code.

We want you to feel comfortable about what you are paying for, so MetPure provides free on-site, no obligation estimate, and before we proceed with any work, we will fully inform you of any extra costs and additional items that you may need to bring your water heater up to city code.

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Take advantage of our Bradford White tank water heater installation package, which includes:


  • Genuine Bradford White Eco-Defender Ultra Low Nox model, equipped with Honeywell intelligent diagnostics control. T&P relief valve and 6-year warranty included.
  • Earthquake strap. We will install an earthquake strap if there is no existing one.
  • Supply valve. We will replace your old water valve with a new full-port ball valve.
  • Two (2) flex water pipes. We will replace both (inlet and outlet) of your flex water pipes.
  • Gas flex pipe. We will replace it if it is old.
  • Sales tax included.
  • Delivery and installation of new water heater
  • Haul-away of existing old water heater.
  • 1-year limited labor warranty.

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Available Capacity & Corresponding Efficiency
Tank Size (gal)                   BTU                 Recovery Rate %
30                                    32,000                     80
40 (R16 Model)                40,000                     80
50 (R16 Model)                40,000                     79
75                                     76,000                     80
Electrical Tank Water Heater
Our licensed water heater specialists have been trained in both plumbing and electrical work and will ensure your electrical water heater is installed properly.

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Circulation Pump For Instant Hot Water

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Tired of waiting for hot water to arrive at remote points of use? By installing a circulation pump, it minimizes water waste and waiting time by circulating and delivering hot water instantly at remote points of use.
*Installation of circulation pump does not reduce manufacture warranty on tank water heater.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Uses less energy than a 25-watt light bulb
  • Can save up to 16,000 gallons of water per year
  • Backed by a 30-month warranty
  • All pumps comply with NSF-61 and AB 1953 standards
  • On-demand timer and/or aquastat to maximize efficiency and comfort
  • Durability & high performance, 145 PSI working pressure

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Make an Appointment

438 W. Arrow Hwy., Unit 18
San Dimas, CA 91773
Toll Free: 800-880-9895
Tel: 714-202-0019
Fax: 714-202-0020

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Support Center

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