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Do you know about the contaminants in your drinking water?

  • CHLORINE, added to public water supplies to kill disease-causing bacteria, but chlorine is prompted to react with other naturally-occurring elements to form toxins called trihalomethanes (THMS), which is proven carcinogen.
  • HEAVY METALS, result from urban storm runoff, industrial or gas production, mining and farming.
  • VIRUSES and BACTERIA from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations and wildlife.
  • PESTICIDES and HERBICIDES from agriculture, urban storm water runoff and residential use.
So the next time you see tiny particles swirling around your glass; bear in mind that they are not minerals. These particles are not just annoying, they are also usually proven to be harmful contaminates.

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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Installation & Service

Your Most Reliable Drinking Water System in America
Built in USA with the highest quality components. Both NSF & WQA quality certified to guarantee excellent performance and safety. Our staff of experienced professionals has earned accolades and acclaim for its tireless effort to deliver you the highest quality products and dedicated services that will exceed your expectations. We’d love to show you why we are the best in the industry.
Start Your Savings Today
The Institute of Medicine has determined that an average person needs to consume roughly a gallon of water per day. An average bottle water costs $11.36/gal, and an average delivered water costs $1.80/gal. With reverse osmosis water system, you can enjoy great tasting bottle quality water at your own kitchen sink for only $0.02/gal. You can save up to $11.34/gal a day, and in a year, you can save over $4000 by simply having a reverse osmosis water system installed in your house.
Drink Smart, Drink Healthier
High quality filtration power delivers up to 98% contaminant-free drinking water to you and your family.
Variety of Products Catered to All Kind of Situations
MetPure is committed to bringing quality and technology advanced water solutions to you and your family. Each product is engineered and designed to reliably deliver what you want most: an endless comfort and the freedom to choose. From simple stage water filtration system to complex re-mineralized reverse osmosis system; from conventional space saving under-the-sink units to sleek designed portable counter-top units. We have a great variety of products that will cater to all kind of situations.

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Make an Appointment

438 W. Arrow Hwy., Unit 18
San Dimas, CA 91773
Toll Free: 800-880-9895
Tel: 714-202-0019
Fax: 714-202-0020

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Support Center

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