Who We Are

Welcome to Metpure Inc, a company that focuses on innovation, design, new applications, development, and manufacturing of water filtration systems and components. We carry a wide variety of innovative water filtration systems, filters, and advanced filtration products under the Metpure Versatile brand, and diversified products such as RO system faucets, RO storage tanks, quick connect fittings, tubings, and a variety of common plumbing products. We are always expanding our product line so that we can cater to the needs of our clients and solve many problems our customers face.

Besides our innovative water treatment products, our systems and components undergo stringent manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality control so that nothing but the best are delivered to our customers. Also, we work closely with NSF and WQA so that our products are in accordance with the industry standard and beyond. Look for many of our products shown with NSF/ANSI.

Throughout the years, we have demonstrated a high level of professional expertise in the water treatment industry. With this technical and qualified experience, we are committed to support our customers not just with our products but with great customer service and technical knowledge that we can offer to solve our customers’ water treatment needs. Our staff has earned accolades and acclaim for their tireless effort to exceed every one of our clients’ expectations.